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Tailor-Made Development

Nearby or onboard developers who take into account your expectations and constraints (technical and organizational). An ideal offer to test an idea, bring your projects to production, integrate systems or contribute to Free Software components.
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Techleads and Teams Coaching

Experienced coaches with real experience from the trenches. An offer to help your staff improve their fundamental skills.
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Development Expertise

Experienced developers without any particular technological bias. An offer to better structure the software architecture, the design or the organization of your projects.
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UX and UI Design

Designers who are able to work closely with both users and developers to perfectly convey their needs and produce quality experiences. An offer to improve UX awareness at the earliest stage while ensuring its effectiveness and its applicability to the project's end.
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Tailor-Made Development

We can handle any type of custom development project. If you need to:

We will be happy to help you. We can be involved from the project inception and help you set up an architecture and an organization adapted to it. During the execution of the project, besides the code, we can handle the software architecture and the development practices to promote continuous improvement. We can therefore take part in any or all of the project's activities:

In agreement with our customers, we try to limit our involvement over time. As soon as our clients wish to become independent on a project, we progressively focus on supervision and code review in order to ensure the autonomy of their teams. We secure the continuation of developments and ensure the strategic independence of our customers.

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UX and UI Design

We have noticed that the user experience (UX) is often neglected on projects. It is then left to the mercy of developers who must prioritize other aspects. This has an impact on the consistency and quality of the interfaces. Catching up with these issues requires a lot more work than taking UX into account from the beginning of the project.

That's why we also take care of the projects' usability. By ensuring consistency between UX and development, we can produce better quality software. This offer perfectly completes our tailor-made development offer.

We can plan the UX work through the collection of needs and the design of user scenarios while taking into account their feedback. It is then feasible to continue to intervene throughout the project to avoid that the UX skill does not disappear after the mock-ups creation. Thus it is possible to keep adapting the UX during the project's iterations.

We can produce the initial UX mockup and keep the design guidelines up to date as things change. We can also ensure that the mock-ups are truly implemented, that developers and designers work hand in hand, and that the day-to-day experiences also feed into the design.

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Development Expertise

Of course, we are able to develop, but we have accumulated enough experience on different projects to advise you on your developments. Our developers are all seasoned and practicing. They are free of bias on technologies or approaches to be used. At our company, we favor what works in our developments rather than off-the-rack thinking.

Our expertise offers are shorter engagements that can unblock situations on the architecture, design or organization of your projects.

Architectural framing

Our developers are polyglots and know various technical stacks. This means they can help you frame the software architecture of your project. It will involve selecting the most appropriate stack and proposing suitable dependencies... while keeping an eye on the complexity.

They will also be able to design the software architecture according to this framing. Not just to make beautiful cathedrals on paper, but here again your context will be taken into account to set up an architecture that your teams can manage.

Assistance to the design

Our developers can also help with design choices. They can help you explore difficult design issues or simply help you decide between competing options.

The explored options are then accompanied by examples and prototypes to validate our recommendations.

Teams organization and toolings

Development being a "team sport", software design and architecture are nothing without a good organization and adequate tooling to work with. We are able to advise you on these topics and to propose an organization adapted to your project teams.

For this kind of mission, we produce a description of the proposed organization structure and the associated development processes. Regarding the tools, we take care of indicating when they are best used and where are their limits. We can also put these tools in place and facilitate the corresponding organizational changes.


In case of doubt or in order to have a first diagnosis, we can simply assess your project. We can investigate software development projects in every angle: from the technical aspects to the organizational aspects. This will lead to recommendations and to an action plan.

We can review the effective software architecture used in your code. We can also study your team's practices by observing, discussing and analyzing the use of source management tools. Finally, we can survey the technologies used, the associated versions and their licenses. For free components, from our experience with open source contributions, we are able to gauge their governance and the resilience of their community.

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Techleads and Teams Coaching

Since project complexity tends to increase, since it is sometimes difficult to hire at the desired skill level, and since roles evolve, it is necessary to grow team skills over the life of the project, or even throughout the career. This requires an adapted learning environment that focuses on core skills that will last for a long time. This ability to improve continuously is even more necessary when people take on new responsibilities, e.g. to support them in their new role or project.

These are the reasons that led us to propose coaching offers. We mainly address technical profiles, too often neglected by traditional coaching offers. Our coaches are able to take charge of a complete team. They can also provide more individualized coaching, mainly to help tech leads in their responsibilities.

When to use our services?

If you have:

Then our coaching offer can help you. We are able to help with many topics related to the fundamentals of development for teams or tech leads:

Our strengths

We believe that our involvement should be adapted as much as possible to the local context. That's why our coaches are also active senior developers with an ability to pass on practical experience rather than dogma. They focus on the technical and practical aspects of producing quality software.

We are able to work on site or remotely depending on the needs. The used schedule is in the long-term and monopolizes shorter blocks of time than a training.

Our goal: to help your engineers and tech leads progress towards greater versatility and autonomy in order to improve their ability to deliver quality products on time.

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