Free Software at enioka Haute Couture

For most of our projects, we build solutions based on free components: programming language, framework, OS, runtime, development tool, database… These tools fit our values: they keep their users, our customers, free.

We have initiated or contributed to multiple projects, among which:


JQM is a distributed jobs queue manager. It is easy to include or embed in most environments. It is coded in Java and published under the Apache 2 licence.

enioka Haute Couture launched the project for a client. We maintain the product under the same free licence.

Source code is here: Github

Read the documentation


We contribute to multiple KDE projects, mostly for Plasma:

Other contributions

Kong OAuth2 Authentication Plugin

Source code is here: Github

Licence: Apache 2

ComDaAn: Community Data Analytics

ComDaAn is a suite of tools for conducting analysis from data produced by FOSS communities. You can find more info on our blog (in french) and here.

Source code is here: Framagit

Licence: Apache 2

Internal tools published under free licences


Our internal ERP: leads, timesheets, invoices, reporting…

Source code is here: Github

Licence: AGPL-3.0

More info (in french)


The tool we use to manage recruitment processes.

Source code is here: Github

Licence: AGPL-3.0

They trust us

We are on KDE e.V. Trusted IT Consulting Firms list