Free Software at enioka Haute Couture

For most of our projects, we build solutions based on free components: programming language, framework, OS, runtime, development tool, database… These tools fit our values: they keep their users, our customers, free.

Our Skills

We have gotten into the habit of contributing to the development of these Free Software components as part of our projects and of making our reusable software available under a free license. While contributing, we were involved in technical tasks and were drawn to take a more active role in the leadership of the communities involved. This gives us significant insights into both the human and technical dimensions of these products.

We can contribute to Free Software components while respecting their community. We can also assess the health of a component both technically and in terms of its team sustainability. Finally, we can release a component's source code or advise on the best community structures for the project.

Our Contributions

We have initiated or contributed to multiple projects, among which:


JQM is a distributed jobs queue manager. It is easy to include or embed in most environments. It is coded in Java and published under the Apache 2 licence.

enioka Haute Couture launched the project for a client. We maintain the product under the same free licence.

Source code is here: Github

Read the documentation


We contribute to multiple KDE projects, mostly for Plasma:

Other contributions

Kong OAuth2 Authentication Plugin

Source code is here: Github

Licence: Apache 2

ComDaAn: Community Data Analytics

ComDaAn is a suite of tools for conducting analysis from data produced by FOSS communities. You can find more info on our blog (in french) and here.

Source code is here: Framagit

Licence: Apache 2

Internal tools published under free licences


Our internal ERP: leads, timesheets, invoices, reporting…

Source code is here: Github

Licence: AGPL-3.0

More info (in french)


The tool we use to manage recruitment processes.

Source code is here: Github

Licence: AGPL-3.0

They trust us

We are on KDE e.V. Trusted IT Consulting Firms list