enioka Haute Couture is a software development House that creates complete and tailor-made solutions.

Our mission is to return ownership of their development and innovation to our customers by creating their software with them so that they retain control.

Read more about this approach in our manifesto.

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Our particularity is to be called on projects so critical or complex that you have to enjoy thinking outside the box, and be able do so. Because the issues we are called upon to address require hand-sewn answers, we live computing as a passion, an art.

If you love technology and want to contribute to defining your own stacks tailored to the issues you face; if you are passionate about development and seek mastery of the technologies and methods you use; if, in other words, you already have a tendency to stand out from the crowd, there is a good chance that, in our house, you will be freer than in any other place to be yourself.

Learn more about enioka Haute Couture or apply on our LinkedIn, Angelist pages or contact us directly by email: contact@enioka.com


Thomas carries his foldable 🚴‍♂️ ‍kind of everywhere, he often 🏃‍♂️‍💨 100s of kilometers and he's the boss. Firstly, because he knows how to combine tact and rigor, but also because he's the boss. Thomas loves emojis, knows that the 🌎 is flat and he's convinced that you can do anything with Emacs, anything.


Henri fell into a computer while he was a youngster, our complex problems are often ponctuated by a "Well that's pretty easy" dropped with joy, mischiefness in his eyes and a b cup of coffee at his hand. He digs indie rock/psychedelic/dream-pop/shoegaze/experimental/warp music and has this gift of learning a framework only by reading its docs.


Niels comes from Copenhagen, he commutes on a bike that Paulin lent him, but that was previously owned by Thomas. He has a special way of putting his coworkers at ease and making them feel like being as cool as he is. He lives in Belleville, loves art and cultural events, works on a Mac and often goes out.


Paulin often lives out of Paris, accross Europe and mostly in Greece. Also fond of biking without an engine, he lent his image to a handful of Telegram stickers (none animated) to express a large set of emotions. He knows how to play iOs and Android, volunteer to the Huma festival and always wear a black t-shirt.


Benjamin is a Pyrenean Python charmer who will certainly break the ice with a joke. Always down for a drink after a finger-aching day, connoisseur of lunch time and wise bringer of homemade cakes at the office. You'll recognize him at his constant smile and the nice atmosphere he leaves behind.


Kevin lives in Toulouse, he was Benjamin's teacher. Doctor in Artificial Intelligence, Qt expert (pronounced Cute) and core KDE contributor, he will never let a flawed commit go through (git rebase -i). Hoarder of neuroscientific articles and books of all kinds, he is Shodan in Aikido and a great lover of Cyberpunk.


Want to talk about a project or simply chat? Please send us an email at contact-hc@enioka.com.

Depending on the project, we work in direct contact with our clients, either remotely or from our offices located at 5 rue Coq Héron, Paris 1st5 rue Coq Héron, Paris 1st.